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Escrito por Todd desde ( el día domingo, 07 de marzo, 2004 a las 22:56:37 horas :

Hi folks! We just returned from our long awaited thanks to many of you for your insights/advice from this board...espcially you Zihau Rob. We used this information and had a fabulous time in Ixtapa. We stayed at the Barcelo Ixtapa (all inclusive) and give it a big thumbs up. Courteous, friendly service, cold drinks ALL the time, great locat1on and beach. When we go back and if we don't stay in Z, we'll be back at the Barcelo. The only negative is the "water games" at the pool can get old. The young men in charge of the games love talking into the mic and the volume was always too loud....if that's all I can complain about, you know everything else was great. As mentioned, we did the all inclusive. We ate breakfast at the buffet every day, lunch at the pool side cafe, but always "went out" for dinner. One night we went to Daniel's (on the beach in Z). Good food, great service and atmosphere. How many times can you have a candle light dinner (literally it was by candle light only) on a nice sandy beach? Coconuts in Z was fabulous....we also ate at Villa De La Selva in Ixtapa. It got to be a bit pricey there....but what a view of the sunset!! (make your reservations well in advance if you want to eat between 6 and 8 p.m.) At the Barcelo, you can sign up for tours. We attempted to go to Ixtapa Island (great snorkeling but that's about it) through this tour company. However they really pressured us to sit through a one hour "speech" about their tours world wide....if we gave up one hour of our time they would give us a $ 25 discount. Finally, after four attempts just to sign up for the tour while politely trying to decline the "speech", I gave up and told them my time (on vacation) was more valuable than saving $ 25. We eventually took a cab to the ferry area...and came and went to the Island as we pleased. In a nutshell, it would have cost us $ 66 (for two people without the $ 25 savings) to go to Ixtapa Island for about 6 hours...instead it cost us just $ 11 (car taxi, water taxi and tips) to go to the Island. Additionally we didn't spend all day there...just three hours. That's all we needed!! Two more mentioned by many people, the tide is high on the Ixtapa was great watching it, but tough swimming in it. Also (this may be true at other resorts) if you want a particular area by the pool or ocean to relax by, you may want to get up very early and throw your towel, magazines, shoes, etc. on that lounger to "reserve it". We learned that that's kind of an unwriten rule....I got up every morning at 6:00 a.m. (I thought I was crazy) to go down to the pool and "reserve" our chairs in the just the perfect spot. I thought of going back to bed, but I watched a spectacular full moon set three days in a row and then napped until the pool came alive.

You'll love Ix/Z.....just watch out for the speed bumps on the road and know that they do drive a little fast. :-)

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