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Escrito por Jen desde (xtoenergy.com) el día lunes, 08 de marzo, 2004 a las 14:22:42 horas :

We traveled from D/FW to Houston to Zihua, arriving around 2:30 on Sunday afternoon, Feb. 29. We had been greatly anticipating this trip, as it was only my second time to Mexico (his third), and our honeymoon! We took a shuttle to our A/I residence for the week, the Presidente Intercontinental, and were given a very friendly welcome. The bellhop, Cesario, was helpful in getting a different room for us, as they had put us in the tower (just didn’t like the overall feel of the tower, and double beds for a honeymoon? Ha! I think NOT!), and we were quickly ushered into room #3138, with a view of the pool and the ocean, and a lovely large balcony. The room itself might have been a tad bit dated, and it did have a mildewy smell, but the beautiful scenery outdoors more than made up for anything the room might’ve lacked. Overall, we give the Presidente two thumbs up, although when we go again (not IF, but WHEN!), we’ll probably stay elsewhere just because we enjoy different experiences.

The first afternoon and evening, we spent time in and around the resort. Walked across the street to Senor Frog’s, and spent some time at Kopado’s beautiful “treehouse” bar. We then walked down the street to El Bar, and enjoyed live music.

In the days to follow, we enjoyed the following: A sunset Windjammer cruise (arranged thru German, our friendly and helpful conceierge at the Presidente), which was terrific. The Brit captain of the ship was most friendly, as were his deck-hands. We also took a “combo tour” (again, arranged thru German at the hotel) with two other couples and a guide who took us in a (thankfully) air-conditioned Suburban to the crocodile preserve, a coconut plantation (or is it called a grove?), an area where there were more iguanas than I have ever seen up close, and on to Petatlan where we toured the old church. It was a very nice, full day of sight-seeing.

We enjoyed dinner on two separate evenings at Barracruda’s, and enjoyed feeding Mich, the owner’s cat, shrimp heads off my hubby’s plate. And speaking of animals, here’s a word to the wise: Don’t assume that a cute little Chihuahua that you come across while walking down the street in Zihua is necessarily friendly. Being an animal lover, I foolishly bent over to pet the dog, and it bit the #%@ out of me. (I haven’t started foaming at the mouth yet, so assume I’ll probably be fine.)

Hubby enjoyed renting wave-runners on the beach in Ixtapa, while I had an absolute blast going parasailing. We also got a kick out of watching the skydivers, but neither of us was brave (foolish?) enough to give that a try.

Took the ferry out to Ixtapa Island one afternoon, and enjoyed several cold drinks at Antonio’s. Also enjoyed climbing around on the rocks and coral on the beach, but we didn’t snorkel. After we got back from the island, we walked to Playa Linda, and bargained for a beautiful wool rug.

Of course, there were many walks down the beach from the Presidente to Carlos & Charlie’s, and while we did take most of our meals at the resort, we still managed to eat in town (Zihua and Ixtapa) numerous times. And since the heat was absolutely sweltering, we’d be “forced” to stop in at several little bars to partake of mas cervezas numerous times while out and about.

We loved both Ixtapa and Zihua. We were overwhelmed by the friendliness of the people. We were also surprised to find so many Mexicans staying at the resort, expecting to be sharing the week with many more Americans and Canadians than were there. From what I understand, many residents of Mexico City take trips to Ixtapa. It was nice to see so many Mexican families vacationing, enjoying the beauty of their country.

Just a couple of things that I found annoying. One, on a couple of occasions, our quiet reflection was interrupted by a loud tourist demanding that her husband “Take a picture of this! Take a picture of that!” This happened on the Windjammer cruise. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy photographs, but don’t understand the compulsion to “get a picture” of something, instead of just being there and enjoying the thing in person BEFORE going wild about taking the photos.

I was also put off on several occasions by tourists who refused to even attempt to speak any Spanish. I’m certainly not fluent by any means, but anyone can master “Gracias”, “Por Favor”, etc. There did seem to be an air among some of my fellow tourists that was expectant of the Mexican people to speak English to them at all times, and that was a turn off to me. Just seems rather arrogant. (Hello? Whose country are you in now???) Before I return again, I vow to learn many more Spanish phrases! Heck, that should be a goal of everyone who enjoys Mexican travel, in my opinion!

All in all, it was a wonderful honeymoon, and we are already looking forward to our NEXT trip to the area!

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