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Escrito por Marg desde ( el día lunes, 08 de marzo, 2004 a las 14:51:44 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Qualton Club Ixtapa escrito por Wendy desde ( el día lunes, 08 de marzo, 2004 a las 00:09:38 horas :

While we were at the Qualton we met several people who had a negative opinion when they checked in but all changed their minds after the first day or so. Everything was clean and the staff more than made up for it. The maid's decorations on the beds were inspiring. Yes, definately search out Francisco. He will keep you in drinks all day without even asking .. sometimes a different one each time. I saw nothing wrong with the drinks .. not strong enough to set you back on your heals if that is what you are looking for. Beer was Corona on tap. The food was certainly good enough to keep you from starving. There was always something to like ... salads and fresh fruits excellent. No hair dryers. They do have an omelette bar. I liked the idea that the tables were set up in front of the stage for evening dining under the stars so you could dine and watch the shows. Only had one al la carte night in our two weeks but the setting and service were awesome. In my opinion there are more pluses than minuses. Lots of Mexicans stay there but after all it is their country. I think if you go with an open mind you will enjoy it. I had never been to Ixtapa before so cannot compare it to any other hotels.

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