Manzanillo to Lazaro Cardenas & beyond

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Escrito por stew desde ( el día miércoles, 10 de marzo, 2004 a las 11:52:11 horas :

Left Manzanillo at 11:30 A. M. on the only second class bus of my trip. The only flaw in my plan as the only first class left in the late evening. Bus stopped in Tecoman about an hour later & that was the last stop other ones of the 30 second variety. 5 hours on the bus with no pit stop! I deserve the "Medal of Kidney" for those over sixty. Anyways the bus was fine in all other ways. People got off & on almost constantly (for just enough time to do so) some going but a short distance, others for many miles. Among them were peddlers, school kids, mariachi groups, mothers. farmers, workmen with tools, in general all of Mexico was on & off that bus. It is their lifeline. Road is very narrow with no shoulders, but it is a beautiful trip. Mountains you wind around, only to come around a bend to see another fabulous beach, sometimes with a single hotel, sometimes nothing. This is a trip to take in a private car with lots of stops. Although the bus filled & emptyed several times I was the only one to go the full distance. Also the only gringo on the bus. I was disapointed that the bus did not stop at Playa Azul, speeding right pass the turn off. Got to Cardenas at 6:00, asked about bus to Zihua & was told that bus station was 2 blocks away. Grabed cab to Hotel Delfin. Has a nice courtyard with a pool , but room for 220 pesos was very bare. A chest of drawers, one straight back chair, one end table/no lamp. only over head. Not a water glass in sight or anything else. It was clean & had a TV w/cable. Had a hot dog off a cart (8 pesos) & water followed by an ice cream cone for dinner. Town is a working city & not a tourist destanation. Walked the streets crowded with local. Nary another gringo in sight. I love the fact that I can do this never feeling any fear or danger. Went to bed about 10:30 to lots of chatter outside.Went to 1:00A.M. or so then started again about 5:00.Got up at 6:00 & took a hot shower (thank you god) & went exploring for breakfast. It's sunday morning & nothing seems to be open. Finialy find a "familia resturente by the Oro bus station. All inside drinking beer at 7:00 A.M. Sat at an outside table ordering cafe' & eggs, juice, & tortillas. Worst breakfast in the history of 60 years of breakfasts. Eggs very greasy, cafe' cold, juice hot & totillas dry. Paid, went & got my bag & off to Zihua on a first class bus. Trip short, pretty & a joy. When we hit the turnoff to Trocones my heart quickened. Almosy home! Next first week in Zihua!

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