Zihua at last!

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Escrito por stew desde (0-1pool77-2.nas48.oakland1.ca.us.da.qwest.net) el día jueves, 11 de marzo, 2004 a las 17:10:24 horas :

Arrived at Zihua bus station early about 11:300 A.M. Phoned Sra. Lolita ds la Rocha, my new land lady. I had written down what I wanted to say to her as her English is almost as bad as my Spanish. Anyways within 5 mins. she arrived via cab. On interdoucing myself she greeted me with a hug & a smile. Never been hugged by a landlady before. She took me to # 13 Calle Jade where one house & 6 bugalows stand. Her husband Aldalfo had joined us by then (they live across the street). Showed me 3 units (only one other rented) before chossing # 6 ( don't ask, I already gave her a deposit for Jan, feb, & march of next year) Units are very clean & everything works. Nice bathroom, stove, fridge & dishes in kitchen/living room. Bedrom had a good bed, AC, cable TV (about 7 English language channels plus others that were English sometime). a built in vanity, nice size closet where one of the 3 geckos I shared the casa with resided. Two end tables w/ good reading lamps on each. Place was much nicer than their web site showed (Robb maybe a new customer?). The basics: 700 a month US for one month, 600 US a month for stays of 2 months or longer. Cash Only. Fresh towels & liniens (SP?) every 4th day. Maid service extra (50 pesos). I used her once a week while alone than twice a week after my spouce came. She was very good. There is a roof top patio both covered & uncoverd areas. w/tables & chairs. A huge mango tree loaded with fruit & a lime tree. Many blomming plants, all in all heaven! Lolita had stocked the casa with just a few of the basics, some bottled water, hand soap, one roll of TP so the first chore was off to the super market about 6 blocks up canal(My casa is but 2 short blocks from Plaza Kioto in a lovely neighborhood). Store is the best, prices, selection & service are excellent. AS I had a lot of stuff (who can pass up tomatoes for 12 cents a pound) I took a cab home. Please note I am thinking of it as home already. Went to El Centro stopping at Cafe Arcadia where my fellow AA member works. He remembered me, introducing me to a semi-resdent named Bill who gave me the 411 on current English language meetings. Went to my first meeting that evening meeting some of new friends. One a dear lady named Pat from Vancover lives but a 1/2 a block from my casa. Her , my wife & became fast buddies by the end of our stay. Anyways after dinner with Pat & Doug in posole alley ,65 pesos for all 3, we went to Bings, the downto th BB court (it was sunday), then home about 10 A great day, slept with no AC, just the ceiling fan like a baby. Next first week in Zihua.

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