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My husband and I took our first trip to zihua in Feb. It was on our list of vacations we wanted to try. We go to Puerto Vallarta 1-2 times a year. We stayed at Hotel Villa Del Sol. I had gotten so much info and thought this is going to be my all time favorite vacation. We had planned a few days of fishing (which is one of the reasons we went). I'm sorry to say that I was very disappointed with our vacation. Im not trying to piss anyone off, and respect fact that we may have differences in vacations. For one I guess I expected an actual marina where the fishing boats were docked. Although I know you can get good fishing from a panga boat, the boats seemed to be very run down. I guess I expected larger, newer boats. Although the hotel was beautiful- I felt everyone was really nice beacause they had to be. There didn't seem to be a sincere kindness that I find in PV. When in PV the taxi drivers are really friendly and we talk the whole time. Maybe people in Zihua find tourists to be snotty and arrogant. I dont know. I do think Zihua was very relaxing and beautiful and wish the future tourists a great vacation.

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