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Escrito por Chris desde (?) el día miércoles, 17 de marzo, 2004 a las 17:55:13 horas :

Febuarury 23 – March 5 Adelamar bungalows.

Where do I start, everything about Zihua was wonderful from the food to the people to the beaches to our great accommodations at Bungalows Adelamar.

Lets start with the airport. It was a pleasant surprise as it is very clean and modern. We opted to not take a cab from the front of the airport, due to what I read on this site, but walk a few minutes from the airport where we caught a cab for $130 rather then $190.

The cab dropped us off at the Bungalows Adelamar. Again what a great surprise. The Adelamar more then exceeded our expectations. The rooms where spacious, clean, modern, and a nice view of the pool and surrounding hills. The pool area is great with plenty of lounge chairs. And with only 8 rooms everyone got to know each other which made for a very nice atmosphere. The Adelamar is ideally situated. Only a few minute walk to Playa Madera, Playa La Ropa and to town, ideal. Nellie, the owner is always around to answer your questions and she also doesn’t mind if you take her towels to the beach. All this for $800 a night. Adelamar also has a great kitchenette, the 2 things that it is missing however is a toaster and a coffee machine. But don’t hold this against it.

We spent at least a day at all the surrounding beaches but we preferred Playa Las Gatas. We walked to the beach once which was a bit of an adventure and once we took the water taxi for $30. The snorkeling is just OK.

We visited Playa Larga one day. We where told that the water is to rough to go into and I can definitely concur with that. This placed surprised us by how many beach restaurants there where, and yet we counted only 10 people on this entire stretch of beach. Each restaurant has a small pool but most where not very appealing. We ended spending the day at a restaurant called Splendidios. It was very nice with a great little pool. Cervezas where $13 and sodas were $10. If you want to spend a day on a beach entirely to yourself this is the place to go and Splendidos is the place to hang your sombrero for the day.

Isla Ixtapa is also a nice day trip. The snorkeling is better here then on Playa Las Gatas. There are plenty of people here from the all-inclusive resorts of Ixtapa and they are definitely easy to pick out and not only because of their wristbands. The costs of things are a little more but this is to be expected. I recommend that you walk down the beach a ways before you settle into a spot for the day.

Barre de Potosi, if you go there, which I highly recommend, take the public transportation. The mini bus that you have to take for the second leg of the trip is a memory in itself. Don’t forget to rent a kayak and cruise the lagoon for an hour, $100.

I guess the only disappointing thing about the trip was that I got stranded on the pier when I was going fishing. I had the boat Dos Hermanos booked for a day of fishing. I was told to be at the pier at 6:30 and that is exactly what time my son and me where there, however the Dos Hermanos was already gone. So if you plan on going fishing I advice you to not book the Dos Hermanos, as the guide, Adolfo, is not true to his word.

All and all a great holiday destination. The streets are cleaner then my hometown and just as safe. We ate at many great restaurants and no bad ones. Never did we even have a tinge of Montezuma’s revenge. The views from the Hotel Irma for breakfast and the Hotel Las Brisa for happy hour will give you a picture of what utopia looks like.

And to end the day how about a delicious soft ice cream for the walk home.

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