Trip Report 3/6/04 - 3/13/04

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Escrito por Roberto in Mn desde ( el día jueves, 18 de marzo, 2004 a las 18:29:57 horas :

First of all, thanks to all of the posters on this board. This was our 6th trip to Ixtapa but we just discovered this board about 11 months ago. It's interesting to get various perspectives of people's likes and dislikes in the area. As always, we stayed at the Krystal Ixtapa. For the first time in a few years the hotel was full. We still got a decent room #707. At the Krystal every room from the 6th floor up is good since you can see the ocean over the tops of the trees. We got in late because of a 2 hour airline delay but arrived in time to watch the sunset from our balcony. We ate across the street at the Capri since so many people from the board recommended it. It was a good meal and reasonably priced. We never bring much cash with us since Visa is accepted at every restaurant in the area until this year. All of a sudden about half the restaurants in the area are cash only. The next day we began our normal routine of getting up about 7:30 and going to the beach aand walking to one end and back. We get coffee at the hotel bach restaurant and sit in a palapa with it for about an hour. WE take a walk to the other end of the beach and then go out to breakfast. Our favorites are Casa Moreles, J&J and Capri. WE go back to the palapa and spend the rest of the day reading, people watching and doing a couple more walks. A couple of reasons we like the Krystal are the locat1on on the middle of the beach and watching all the activity during the day. There are lots of people in the area but it doesn't feel crowded. The vendors are not a problem. After the first day or two they just walk on by if you have politely declined to buy up to that point. A couple of fun things we did were to rent bikes and ride the bike trail to Playa Linda. WE could see Ixtapa island but didn't go over there. We liked all of the restaurants we ate at including Rubens, Rafeelo (sp?), Capri and Garrabo's in Zihau. We liked the flea market in Zihua much better than the one in Ixtapa. More variety, laid back vendors. The only down-side to the trip were the time-share people for the Melia-Azul. They were horrible! Three times they literally leapt out of moving vans to start their pitch. If you said No, gracias and tried to keep walking, they followed you down the street. That was the first time we ran into such aggressive sales people. The Melia looks like a very nice hotel and after my experience with these guys, I would never stay there just on principle! The condo project at the Krystal is dead but there are condos going up between the Barcelo and the Fontan. AS always we thoroughly enjoyed our trip and are already looking forward to next year. Oh, the deer seem to gone. There were some threads in the past regarding the penned-up deer on the grounds.

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