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Escrito por Family With Baby desde ( el día sábado, 20 de marzo, 2004 a las 02:55:53 horas :

Despite the fear mongering, we found Ixtapa and Zihua to be a relatively baby-friendly destination... In fact, I think our 14-month-old had the most fun of all of us. The trip down was a breeze; the trip back she was a little more grumpy, but to be fair, they did make us wait 3 hours at the airport beforehand. We were able to get around with a stroller without much difficulty. Ixtapa is very pedestrian friendly, and compared to Puerto Vallarta, Zihua is pedestrian heaven. The only really baby unfriendly part are the psychopathic cab drivers. (As a result, we made only one trip to Zihua.) Next time, I would stay in Zihua or La Ropa beach or rent a car. One other offputting part was being offered "Reefer" by several of the "door men" for the beach-front restaurants (on Del Pescador?). But still, I found Z less sleazy than PV, where the tour and timeshare hustling is completely unrelenting. Sunburn for the baby was really totally a non-issue, and she left just as pale as when she had arrived. (We used a water resistant sunblock and she always wore a UV sunsuit.) A lot of what she ate we brought with us. We also only used canned juice or bottled or boiled water. If I have time, I will post a full trip report. In a nutshell: we had a great time. When we come back to Mexico, we will probably come here again.

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