News Flash!...Zihua survives visit by Harris family!

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Escrito por Geenance desde ( el día domingo, 21 de marzo, 2004 a las 12:36:33 horas :

We're just back from our first trip to Zihua. Willing participants in our adventure included Al, Nancy, Brady (15) and Tayler (12).

Our itinerary:
6 nights at Bungalows Ley on Playa Madera in Zihua; side trip to Uruapan/Paracho/Patzcuaro; 2 more nights back at Bungalows Ley.

Lying on the beach for 10 days is not our thing, hence the side trip. This jaunt was an adventure in itself so I'll post a separate trip report on this shortly (The "Griswald's Mexican Road Trip").

Accommodation: We were pleased with our choice of accommodations, Bungalows Ley. The locat1on was close enough to town that we walked back and forth a couple of times a day. This gave our sons the freedom and flexibility we were looking for. Gladys, Carlos, Elizabeth and Luisa couldn't have been nicer and more helpful. The huge terraces gave us oodles of living space and the view was spectacular.

My husband and sons went fishing. They didn't see a lot of action but they did manage to land a pretty good size mahi mahi, which one of the restaurants cooked up for us for dinner. Tasty!

Took the water taxi to Las Gatas beach, where we relaxed in the shade and also snorkelled. (I'm not sure we picked the best place to settle at but it was my son's choice. They left the bottle of mayo sitting out on our table in the hot sun for at least 4 hours! Needless to say we didn't touch it.)

Hiked to La Ropa beach. It's not a far walk, but anyone who has climbed the hill between Madera and La Ropa in the heat of the day knows what I mean by "hiked"!

Visited the artisans market. My older son really enjoyed the bargaining after a while. He had fun shopping for small gifts for his buddies back home.

Spent an afternoon in Troncones. The guys had a blast playing in the rougher waves and then goofing around in the pool at the Tropic of Cancer beach club. We enjoyed chatting with the other folks hanging out there.

Other than that, we simply enjoyed the little things about wandering around Zihua. For example, walking down the Madera hill in the morning to get a large glass of freshly squeezed O.J. from Isabel. Hola, Isabel! And, talking to the incredibly friendly locals who so kindly put up with our attempts to speak Spanish.

At the end of the trip I asked our sons if they would have preferred staying in Ixtapa, where there would have likely been more kids their age, pools to swim in and more beach activities. Their answer was no. The best part of staying in Zihua they agreed, was being in closer touch with the locals. "These are the nicest people I've ever met! Why aren't Canadians and Americans this friendly?", said our son Brady (at that typically cynical age of 15).

We all loved Zihua and we're already planning a trip back!

To come: Restaurant commentary and "The Griswald's Mexican Road Trip")

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