Prelude to Griswald's Mexican Road Trip

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Escrito por Geenance desde ( el día domingo, 21 de marzo, 2004 a las 12:57:26 horas :


Mexican road trip risks and hazards:
- topes, topes, topes; marked and unmarked
- burros, goats, cows, dogs, pigs, horses
- rock falls, construction materials
- curvas peligrosas (dangerous curves)
- lack of shoulders (particularly noticeable on curvas peligrosas)
- oncoming trucks and buses taking 'their half out of the middle' on curvas peligrosas
- Mexican road maps (each one different; none correct)
- lack of road signage
- road name changes every few blocks
- (if successful in finding correct road in spite of previous two risks, this will likely be offset by the following 2 hazards)
- 1-way street going wrong way
- construction detours (not well marked, of course)
- "falling construction workers" (see Griswald's Mexican Road Trip", to come)
- opportunistic 'fundraisers' (usually standing at topes or toll booths)

Factors offsetting road trip hazards:
- friendly helpful locals...more than happy to help 'temporarily displaced' gringos
- spectacular views from curvas peligrosas
- considerate slow-moving-vehicle drivers who drive on the extreme right side of the highway and flash their lights when it is safe for you to pass
- 'polite negotiation' at each intersection in towns/cities to determine who would proceed through next
- little enforcement of, or presence of, speed limits (topes, cobblestones, domestic animals, etc, usually took care of that)

Happy road tripping!

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