Beach Clean-up: A Thank You To All

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Escrito por Jim desde ( el día domingo, 21 de marzo, 2004 a las 13:56:05 horas :

Saturday morning’s Beach Clean-up was a huge success. The cooperation and participation was nothing less than overwhelming.

Personally, I spent much of the day working on the Las Pozas section of Playa Blanca, but afterwards I did have the opportunity to tour and visit some of the other involved areas. Reports from team leaders who were out that day are also beginning to come in.

As the event unfolded, what struck me the most was the spontaneous involvement of people who wanted to join the effort in some way. Driving along the beachfront road down along Playa Blanca I saw residents out raking and using brooms cleaning their streets and their yards. At a restaurant near the lagoon at Las Pozas, a restaurant owner was virtually in awe in expressing thanks to those who worked in that area. The same reaction was had at Playa Larga where I was greeted at another restaurant.

Weary from a long day’s work ourselves, in the evening my wife and I walked some of the streets in Col. Madera and along the beach there. The difference was readily evident. Downtown, a shop owner called out to me in Spanish, “Madera is clean!” At the event’s conclusion in Barra de Potosí, the village turned out for a beach fiesta. The fiesta was well-earned as the village had filled 250 huge bags with refuse. As the fiesta wound down, the children yelled “ˇViva la Tierra!”

A huge thank you to all those individuals who gave unselfishly of their time and their energy to pitch in and help clean our beaches and streets.

Although impossible to personally thank all, a special thank-you to:

Zihuatanejo Municipal President Amador Campos and Zihuatanejo Director of Public Services Gaspar Mendoza Martinez for their support. Garbage trucks were out in full force on Saturday and in some areas were picking up bags of trash as quickly as they could be filled.

All my friends in Barra de Potosí, with special thanks to Otto, Laura, Noyo, Lázaro and all the wonderful children there.

Mary Rushing, of Col. Madera, a zone leader who not only took charge of the Madera beach clean effort, but a clean streets project as well.

I also wish to thank MJ & Ritchies and Casa Café both in Madera, the folks at CFE, Zihuatanejo director of education Marina Sánchez, Hielo Ortiz, restaurant El Arbolito, Coca Cola, Aguaquin, Bar Túnel, Rafael and the students at the college, Club Intrawest on La Ropa, EcoIxtapa, Hotel Las Palmas, Carlos SCUBA and of course all of my friends at SOS Bahía.

I also ask each of you, residents and tourists alike, to offer your thanks to the “folks in orange.” These are the City employees you see out each day picking up trash from our beaches and streets. These folks work hard and are hardly paid for the job they do. Please, each day as you see these people, greet them with a smile and a “ˇGracias!’ Let them know that their work is appreciated.

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