Trip report,Zihuat to Vancouver

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Escrito por Jaimezi desde ( el día domingo, 21 de marzo, 2004 a las 17:37:20 horas :

Day#1 leave La Ropa @6.45am enter toll road @ 7.35,toll booth not open yet,campesinos collect donation. The by pass still takes about 45 minutes,two more campesino donation points before arriving at maxi pista Maxi pista @ 8.50,two toll gates where you pay.Arrive Uruapan @ 10.10.Stop for breakfast. Leave Uruapan@ 10.35,Paracho 11.20. Enter Maxi pista @ Zamora 12.50. Arrive Guadalajara 2.00pm,leave Guadalajara 2.30pm. Arrive Tepic @4.30 Zi time,clocks go back one hour.Zihuat to Tepic 743.9 Km,s Day #2 Leave Tepic @ 7.50am. Arrive Mazatlan @10.30am. Enter Maxi Pista 10.45,Leave Maxi Pista @12.15. Arrive Los Mochis 2.30 pm,navajoa @4.15pm Arrive Obregon4.50pm. Tepic to Obregon 895 Km,s Day #3 Leave Obregon @6.50am Hermosilla @10.00am,Santa Anna @12.00. Arrive @ emmigration & vehicle office 1.00pmClear all papers @ 1.35. Arrive US border @ 1.40 & clear border @2.20pm. Arrive Gila Bend @5.10pm. Obregon to Gila Bend 804.5Km,s Day#4 Leave Gila bend @ 7.55am. Tonopah 8.45am,California Border @10.45 Az time. Palm Springs @12.00.Very busy traffic thro LA area. Arrive Buttonwillow @3.15pm. Gila bend to Buttonwillow 787Km,s Day#5 Leave Buttonwillow 8.30am. Arrive San Pablo @ 1.00pm. Buttonwillow to San Pablo 409.6Km,s Day #6 Leave San Pablo @6.45am. Weed rest stop @12.00.Enter Oregon@ 1.05pm Arrive Salem @5.00pm. San pablo to Salem 899Km,s Day #7 Leave Salem @7.50am. Arrive Portland @8.35,Bfast with friends. Leave Portland @ 11.00 am,Bellevue WA @1.55pm Arrive Canadian border @4.45pm. Arrive North Vancouver @6.30pm. Salem to North Vancouver 591Km,s. Overall a very good drive,only busy traffic was thro La & Hwy 405 around Seattle.Anyone with ?,s I would be pleased toanswer.Salud Jaimezi.

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