Trip Report 3/15-3/22

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Escrito por RS desde ( el día miércoles, 24 de marzo, 2004 a las 20:10:06 horas :

My husband and I just returned from our first trip to Ix/Zihau. It was wonderful and we definitely plan to go again and would love it if our sons/family/fiance' can join us next time. We booked through Apple vacations. My husband dropped his wallet on the bus from the airport to the hotel losing his credit card. By the time we checked in with our Apple rep, they had found the card and handed it to us immediately. I had done a lot of research and checked often with this site (a wonderful/helpful place). On here I found good information about Armando Vargas to book for fishing, E-mailed them and said that we would call them on day 1 of our vaca. to book a fishing trip. We decided to take a walk out on Zihau Pier and found
Senor Vargas there. That was Mon. evening, by Wed. we were out fishing with his sons on a successful trip. Nice sailfish and a great time. How easy was that! We parasailed, visited Las Gatas/Ixtapa Island and enjoyed fantastic restaurants. I do have to say that the snorkeling was not much, but then we've had opportunities to snorkel at several more well known places for it and we came to Ix/Zihau witht he understanding that there were many more things that made up for it. It was as expected so we were not disappointed in any regard. Infact, we spoke so highly of the entire vaca. that our dear friends are leaving next Sat. for a week's stay at the same place. SCHOOL SUPPLIES = we just walked the streets of Zihau and found more than enough needy families. With respect, we approached these families and with the little
Spanish we know, we found few words were needed to give them the gifts. Their beautiful smiles were a common language :)
Our only concern was not to offend them and the gifts were well received and we will do the same next time. We met some wonderful people, they all seemed eager to show their hospitality. I guess when you live is such a beautiful place, it's easy to want to share it. We look forward to many more trips back there. Thoughts and cares to all of you who helped with your messages/advise. R&S

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