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Escrito por Lucy desde ( el día domingo, 28 de marzo, 2004 a las 23:28:20 horas :

2nd time Ixtapa. 1st time Barcelo. As beautiful and noncomercial (compared to other mexican cities)as we remember. The beach is awesome, the sunsets - to die for. We share the pacific as we live in vancouver but ixtapa wins! The march spring break was not as busy as we thought. So many restaraunts in Ixtapa and Zihua that we never had to wait.
The Barcelo was a fairly large but quiet hotel with an older crowd than we are used to at Puerto Vallarta Resorts. My 12 and 16 year old were bored. The Food was adequate and the service good. The pool is not big enuff for all the guests - kinda yucky. We can't figure out why folks don't go down to the ocean...they just sit around and in the pool. The rooms are big enuff and the beds comfortable enuff. Go for the 6-8 floor. Even with the all inclusive we recommend going out to all the wonderful restraunts. The shopping and nite life are quiet, quaint and comfortable. We had no problems with locals or the hotel staff.
Have a massage on Ixtapa beach - nice. Go to Ixtapa Island and snorkel - catch the bus to Playa Linda and then the Ferry. You do not need to book a tour ferry. Bring an extra bag for all the wonderful handicraft and local artifacts you bring home. Every year I add on to my Spanish vocabulary and love talking to the people here. In this charming area you can venture out and explore the streets day or nite. Oh yea, it was really hot an humind. Yea Hoo!!!

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