Reflections on 6 weeks in Mexico

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Escrito por stew desde ( el día lunes, 29 de marzo, 2004 a las 12:33:50 horas :

When I left for Mexico in mid Jan I felt I would have my fill after such a long period.I find that this is not remotely true. Among the things I learned or had reinforced from Mexico & Mexicans are 1. Treat your kids with love & they will behave 2.It's not hard to be polite 3. That the average Mexican works far harder for far less the the average gringo 4. That being the only gringo in a city is not a danger 5. That you CAN eat for under a dollar if you have to 6. That you can get a bad meal in Mexico, but you have to work at it 7.Always ask if the hotel has hot water 8. Second class bus travel is the most interesting, but you need strong kidneys 9. New friends are almost as good as old ones 10. Never turn down a invitation to a Mexican home 11. A smile & a Buenos Dias is better then 3 years of spanish lessons 12. AA is alive & well in Mexico 13. the Mexican city of _____is safer than ______ (fill in the blanks) of any city in US 14. Always turn on bathroom light at night & be careful not to step on the Gecko. He/she is your best friend 15. Never waste a day even if it rains, you'r trip will be over soon enough 16. The most expensive cafe or hotel is seldom the best 17.Always ask for a room away from the street. 18. Never flash money 19.Always say Gracias 20. Never pass up a chance to talk to Mexican citizen. you may learn something Final thoughts: We as tourists have much to learn fom our hosts be it manners, acceptance, serenity or dignity. I found that my love for this marvelous country knows no bounds. While I will never fully understand the spirit of this land I will continue to study & learn. Next year 3 Months!

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