Trip Report - March 19-25 A bit long

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Escrito por Ray desde (ctcc-206-119.COMMNET.EDU) el día lunes, 29 de marzo, 2004 a las 16:54:06 horas :

I recently got back from my third trip to the Zihua area and wanted to provide some of the board regulars and new users with some information. I had visited the area last year and the year before staying at the Inn at Manzanillo Bay in Troncones each time. I have always preferred a laid-back vacation option, and Troncones and the Inn are certainly that. This year my focus was fishing with four good friends, and we decided to stay at the Hotel Irma in Playa Madera. We were very pleased with the hotel. While it isn't a fancy place, it was clean and comfortable. Lots of hot water for showers and the A/C worked well. The price was also very reasonable. The staff was very accommodating, preparing our Tuna and Dorado for our dinner meals and helping us to find places to go and things to do. The people we met there were terrific, and like many of the people I have "met" on the board, very nice and helpful. We fished three days and caught lots of fish. On our first day, fishing with Ramon Olea and two of his friends we all caught sailfish. I fished alone and had a triple-header of sails within the first 15 minutes of fishing, landing and releasing two, losing one. Later that day I saw the most amazing sight. We were trolling about 5-6 miles west of Ixtapa when we saw a large number of birds diving on the water in the distance. This is usually indicative of feeding fish and we turned toward the commotion. As we neared the birds, we began to see jumping dolphins. Within the next few minutes we entered a school of hundreds (yes hundreds,well over five hundred and perhaps as many as a thousand) of feeding dolphins, and they put on quite a show. The dolphins were feeding on sardinas, and the birds were picking up the scraps. Miguel, the captain of the boat I was fishing on,suggested that we take in our trolling lines and went to work rigging a live baitfish on one of the rods. He lowered the bait to a point beneath the sardinas where a school of yellowfin tuna were feeding on the sardinas from below. Within a minute I had a 60 pound yellowfin hooked up and landed it about twenty minutes later. The huge area that these schools of fish covered was truly amazing. That part of the trip was worth the full price of the trip. We had a great time hanging at Banditos, eating at La Sirena Gorda and La Perla as well. Two of us spent the day Monday in Troncones where I will be taking a group of ten eyecare specialists in June to screen the schoolchildren in the villages of Troncones and Mahajua. Joan and John McKay and several other residents have recently established a library for the Troncones villagers and we will use their facilities and those of the Inn at Manzanillo Bay for our screenings. The two village schools are in great need of school supples and the library certainly could use more spanish language books, children's puzzles, or spanish-language software for the computers that they have set up in the library. If you plan a trip up that way,and can afford to make a small donation of school supplies, books,puzzles or software you can drop them with Joan at her boutique next to the Tropic of Cancer Resort, or to Mike Bensal the owner of the Inn at Manzanillo Bay. Joan will get your donations to the school in Troncones at the south end of the beach and Mike will deliver them to the kids in Mahajua's school. I miss the place already, and can't wait to get back in June. Thanks to you Rob, and to all of the people that contribute to the board. You do future visitors a great service. I will try to post some pictures sometime soon..... Adios

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