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When we have been there during Semana Santa in the past, the basketball court (zocalo) has had activities and food stands every night between Palm Sunday and Easter. There is a parade (Desfile de las Palmas) midmorning on Palm Sunday which is accompanied by singing. It's a pretty somber event, but worth observing. Then there are many cultural events all week. The town is jammed with people and cars during the evenings and the beaches are way busier than normal, too. Temporary beer stands spring up all over town. It's a pretty festive time, just much more intense than the usual Zihuatanejo experience. You can chill a little with a day trip to La Barra or Troncones, which don't seem to get nearly as much Semana Santa traffic.
Other than during Easter week, mostly you'll find basketball games at the court during the week, and some kind of dancing or other cultural activity on Sunday evening. Don't miss the great pizza a few doors towards the marina at Cafe Marina pizza, and if you're brave, put some of their excellent chipotle sauce on it.

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