Our first trip-March-Dorado Pacifico

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Escrito por Gringa desde (?) el día sábado, 03 de abril, 2004 a las 14:00:54 horas :

Just back from our first trip down and want to thank everyone for all of the info on this site. I read it religiously as we prepared for our trip. We-me, husband and our 9 and 7 year-olds-stayed at the Dorado Pacifico, and it was beautiful. The staff were friendly and helpful, and were always ready with directions to any of the places we were looking for. I read about the problem with chairs at the pool, so I knew to expect it when we were there. We solved the problem by spending our days in Zihua and going to the pool around 5, when everyone else was heading out to happy hour. It gave the kids more than enough time to swim and enjoy themselves before we headed out to a late dinner. Our days in Zihua were the best. We chose the mini-buses over taxis most of the time. They may not be for everyone, but I recommend you try them while you are there. Just tell the driver where you are going (usually the Centro) and he'll let you know when you are there. My husband is from Mexico and we are used to visiting his small town, so my kids loved walking around the streets of Zihua. Our days always started with a trip to the Mercado and straight to Fonda Irma for some of the best food and homemade tortillas! I recommend it highly, straight across from the fish market. My boys loved the carne asada, and ate it for breakfast most days. (Hey-they were on vacation!) I stuck with a choco mil most mornings, but also had my share of Fonda Irma food. Enough to miss it now that I'm back in the world of Taco Hell!! I think our favorite days were spent at Playa Las Gatas. It is a beautiful place for anyone with children. My kids had never snorkeled before, and it was a perfect spot for them to learn. No waves to worry about!!
Anyway, this is running long. I just wanted to share a little of our experience in beautiful Zihua, and tell everyone who visits Ixtapa not to spend their whole day at the hotel pool, because they are really missing out on Mexico!!!

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