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Escrito por MBHK desde ( el día sábado, 03 de abril, 2004 a las 22:30:33 horas :

En respuesta a: Hotel Las Brisas escrito por runner desde ( el día sábado, 03 de abril, 2004 a las 21:57:24 horas :

Just returned yesterday from Ixtapa. Our bus stopped there to pick up passengers, and I wasn't impressed with the entrance to the hotel at all. We met some people at the airport who said they felt the same way. They stayed there because that is where they had their reservations. They thought about trying to stay at another hotel but couldn't get a room. They ended up "just loving" it there. Their room had a wonderful and very private and large terrace. They said the food and service was fantastic (for an all-inclusive that's a miracle). Many good pools. They did not have children with them and thought perhaps it wouldn't be the best place because it was private and a bit away from town. They said they would definitely go back. I stayed at another hotel that I would probably not go back to, but it was close to town, and I thought that was one of the major plus factors about it. If you want to go to town, Zihua is such a great town, just hop in a cab when you feel like it and skip Ixtapa all together. Let me know how you liked it. Have a great time. P.S. The beach is beautiful there. We swam in it every day.

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