Trip Report March 13 to 20 (Part Two)

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Escrito por Jack from BC desde ( el día miércoles, 07 de abril, 2004 a las 12:32:11 horas :

Before we left Chez Arnoldo's at Las Gatas we had the good fortune to have Danielle, one of the excellent employees, approach us with an offer to take us to Playa Manzanillo on Friday, March 19. His friend Oliver, is owner of a 24 (?) foot boat with a 90 (?) hp Mariner outboard. We gratefully accepted the offer.

Thursday was our day at La Ropa. Despite dire warning of snakes and/or eels we saw nothing of the sort. We spent the day at Elvira's and were impressed with the food and drink quality. The servers were efficient but were more reserved than the "royalty treatment" we received from Choy and company. The breeze came straight in from the bay and was wonderful. A family, complete with adorable little chihuahua, were seated near us. Althought the snorkeling was not as good as Las Gatas, I did find a 10 peso coin on my first trip to the water.

Thursday evening I was visited by the evil villain, Monty Zooma. I had religiously taken Acidophilus for the preceding week and a half while L had not--not a ringing endorsement of the pills. Thursday evening I was "confined to barracks".

Friday morning arrived with Monty in the background. As arranged, Danielle met us at Villa Vera pier, walked us to the Zihua pier where Oliver met us and we were off to Las Gatas to say hello to Choy. By 9:00 we had a line in the water and fished all the way to Playa Manzanillo. No fish, but two or three good hard hits. At Manzanillo we had the entire beach to ourselves. A small school of dolphins appeared before we had our snorkeling gear on. In the crystal-clear water, Danielle was a marvellous guide, sharing with us small star fish that acted like octopus, soft pink sea urchins that clung to our hands and most special of all, puffer fish that could be passed from person to person like a toy rubber ball. One of these was a brillaint yellow--incredible memory. We were so impressed with the amazing gentleness and caring that Danielle showed for the living things. Everything was returned to its exact locat1on.

We spent another couple of hours fishing on the way home (past "Solitary Rock" if you know the area). We saw numerous dolpins, several of which, approached our boat and swam with us for a short distance.

The cost for the entire experience was 600 pesos for the two of us. We added a 200 peso tip to each of our hosts. If this appeals to you, visit Chez Arnoldo's on Las Gatas and ask for Danielle.

Saturday was the end of our marvellous week. We spent the morning in Zihua, picked up some beautiful material and had lunch at Any's--great food and the best pina coladas we found. We said our good-byes to Claudia and Gilberto at the Villa Vera Puerto Mio,caught a taxi to the airport (don't request air-conditioning or the cost goes from $120 to $160)and had a great trip (thanks Westjet!) back to Calgary.

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