Trip report March 27-April 3 kind of long

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Escrito por B.J. desde ( el día miércoles, 07 de abril, 2004 a las 19:31:06 horas :

Long plane trip with Apple. 8 hours and we're offered nothing for 5 hours. Breezed through customs. My daughhter, Julie, was taking to much time for the people behind her so she let them go ahead. You guessed it, they got the red light. Arrived via Suburban at Villa Mexicana at app; 12:30 a.m. We had three rooms and all were nice. Not on the bay side, but still nice. Four of us went to a small open restaurant in downtown at the suggestion of the hotel desk clerk. This was after he opened the bar cooler for cervasas for six. There was so much to take in on the cab ride to town, too bad I couldn't see much because of the speed. The cab drivers sure know the roads....thank goodness. We had a great meal at something like Tanqurias...come on it was my first night and as I said I was taking in so much. Best little tacos both pork and beef. More cervasa, and they were getting colder, then back to V.M. Our days and nights were jammed back with relaxation. We went to town many times, walked the beaches, visited Las Gatos, snorkeled, bartared, ate, drank and did I mention relaxed? For the first time I kept a small journal which I wrote in every morning while I waited for another great and inexpensive breakfast at Patty's. The wait staff were friendly and funny. They seemed to enjoy my hacking of their language and even tried to teach me. I will give just my favorite and not so favorite musings of our trip. Enjoy....or not, it's all good! Favorite meal was on Fisherman's Walk next to Daniels. It was because all six plus three more were there to share lobster and shrimp, in the sand right by the water.
The Catalina was another fav. meal except the waitress did not speak any English and my daughter was not with us to translate. I'm still wondering what the special was. The garlic shrimp was good. The stairs were everything that people have mentioned. Do they have a two drink max. after dark? It was all good! We enjoyed our obligatory shot of tequila at the bar at V.M. each night we tried a different kind. I enjoyed Don Julio dark and 1800? Other restaurants we enjoyed were Rosseys, Tamales an Anys, The few right down from Daniels, Cafe Marina. Best hHappy Hour for the size of drinks was Elviras on La Ropa, but not the service. Best service but limited H.H. had to be Patty's. Oh ya, we ate two times at the restaurant in the alley next to V.M. Does anyone know the name? We bought supplies at their little store and bought many of the things to bring home from the stalls. The beach vendors also have the stalls. They were my favorite people. Kind and not pushy and best of all quick to smile.One vender though insisted that my friend buy a bathing suit. She even went as far as trying to get her into it. I laughed so hard, I had to walk away. A few fished one day with no luck, but said the sites were worth it. Dolphins were swimming with the panga. I wished I would have experienced that. We saw the croc one morning, Julie did Yoga two mornings and had two massages, I saw the sunrise every morning during my beach walk. Others liked to sleep in a bit. I enjoyed all the people doing their own morning routine on the beach, from jogging to Tai Chi. Julie and I went to the marina one morning in time to see the fisherman and their catch. Too cool.We will definitly be back next year, but hopefully not on Apple. We hearded in like cattle, long lines, no food or drink for five hours, out of six of us they lost three of our luggage, two flight attendants couldn't agree on what to do with kids that weren't sitting withh their parents, while banging on the back of our terrible seats. They kept moving us around, and not because we asked. We had to be out of our room at 1:00, but our flight didn't leave until 8:45. They kept our luggage in a room, but not our carry-ons and such. We finally got into Det. at light savings went into effect SAt. Then a 4 plus hour drive home. Too much. There is so much more to share, but I think you get the picture. Two more musings. I realize I can't remember the names of many of the fine restaurants. Lastly, what impressed me the most was the people. Extended and I mean extended families really enjoying each other. The children, and there were many,were very well bhaved and loved. The Biology students from Mexico City were an asset to their school....they drank and smoked like no big deal. I had to do a double take. Rob, did Lupito get my small bag of school supplies? Well, I hope on your adventures you enjoy it at least half as much as we did. Babs

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