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Escrito por Idaho Red desde (dsl-189-176-69-20.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día miércoles, 26 de noviembre, 2008 a las 10:43:03 horas :

Heading South for the Winter, we should eventually get to Zihua, if too much fun doesn't get in the way. BB and I had to make a few stops along the way to visit; Our youngest son is now stationed in Ogden with the Air Force. Also a brief stop in Phoenix to see my brother and his pretty wife.

Now that we have crossed into Sonora I thought I would share a few thoughts and observations from along the way. Immigration and importing the car went fairly well at Km 21 on Hwy 15, we did wait until early Monday morning to ease the crowding that can be a problem at Nogales. The highway is in good condition, signage is also getting better along the way.

Hermosillo was very busy but manageable, did not waste any time exploring this city as I have been there, done that. Guaymas is in a rush to improve their Malecon and bay front properties in anticipation of a 1st cruise ship visit later this season. From my perspective that falls under the heading of "Careful what you wish for". Having seen the results of the ships crowding Zihua I am not the biggest fan of such "Progress".

We stayed the night in San Carlos and explored a bit, guess you have to be from Arizona or Calif to appreciate the ambiance and development! After a visit with a good friend's sister in Guaymas, is was back to the highway. My research had led me to believe that Ciudad Obregon might be worth exploring for at least a day, wrong! What a huge Cluster F&^%!! After fighting with traffic for a couple of hours, and never quite finding the downtown sights I had hoped for we gave up and headed for Navajoa and sanity again.

All for now, more to come. Someday, with enough Tequila, I might even tell the story of how my beautiful wife Kathy picked up the nickname of BB, so long ago in Mazatlan!!!

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