Another take on this very real problem

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Escrito por Walt desde ( el día miércoles, 28 de enero, 2009 a las 12:43:38 horas :

En respuesta a: Losing forests escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día miércoles, 28 de enero, 2009 a las 11:15:01 horas :

We bought a condo in a development built three years ago by a local Mexican real estate developer. We wanted to have a carpenter recommended by this board to put shelves and doors under the sinks of the two bathrooms. We insisted on legal wood that has about a 20-30% premium. The problem is that the entire development was made using the less expensive wood that was not certified and could not be made to match. After being told it was wood harvested locally, although not certified, and that it for sure was not from the "butterfly" area, we ended up agreeing to not use certified wood. Price was never the issue but we did not want to have cabinets built that did not match. Regarding respect for the area I am sure that there is a lot of gringo money that does not show respect but in this example it was a local Mexican developer, one with several developments. Guess I did not show respect either but tried and found myself in a corner.

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