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We stayed at the EconHotel- the hotel is about a 15 min walk from the main squares. It sits up a hill pebble road off the new circle. The hotel is new and is mamaged by an American. The view from the yard of the hotel is spectacular.You see the lake in the valley and the mountains in the horizon. Michelle does tours to the villages around the lake. She has come to know some of the artisians in the different villages and takes you to their home/studios.One village had a popular wood carver that is known for his Day of the Dead Masks, at another village we went to where they make the hats and other items from the palm leaves, and then to a village where they use the reeds from the lakes to make their exhibits. On the return back to Patzcuaro, we stopped at a SWISS restrauant/hotel for a late lunch- the place was really nice.They offer 1 room or larger units. We really enjoyed our stay there. She is becoming known for giving tours to Americans who do not know the language(like us). The owner is a rich Mexican who got his degree at Berkley and wanted to put in a Econ-Hotel and only has been open a couple of years. Go to and put in Patzcuaro, Mexico and then look for EconHotel- it is modern but with the Mexican Style.

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