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Escrito por Bernie G desde ( el día sábado, 07 de febrero, 2009 a las 11:51:56 horas :

Day One, Jan. 20. We're actually very lucky and arrive early in Zihua; Continental actually surprised us. Took a cab to Quinta Camelinas and were pleased at the size of the rooms. Wanted to go to Lety's for lunch, but they were closed, so we went downstairs and had a great lunch there. Walked around that side of the canal and took pictures.
Day Two: Fishing on Huntress with Francisco. Got 4 sailfish, one broke off at the boat and 3 released.
Day Three: Went to the market early so I could have morning sun while taking pictures and here is why we return to Zihua so often. When you speak with people and ask them if it's all right to take their pictures, most of the time they smile and say yes. There is always a friend who wants to take their picture also. You can see the joy of life in their eyes. Went to La Ropa and had massages by the Sotavento.
Afternoon, we met up with Carlos Garcia our longtime friend and went to Santa Prisca pozoleria for a late lunch.
This should be on everyone's schedule. Great food, great music and great company.
Day Four: Fishing on the Huntress; 3 sails all released.
We saw plenty of dolphin. Had a wonderful dinner at Casa Vieja.
Day Five: Met up with Carlos early and went to Barra di Potosi for the day. Went into the lagoons and enjoyed watching fishermen with their nets, divers going for abalone. The birds were fantastic. Went fishing for a while with a friend of Carlos' but not much luck. Saw a whale and her calf. Returned to have lunch, red snapper, always wonderful there. Carlos took us back to the hotel after a nice siesta.
Day Six: Fishing on the Huntress, with Carlos, who caught his first 2 sailfish ever. He was thrilled. Total 5 sails caught and released. Grand total: 12 sails.
Off to Patzcauro and arrived at 5:30 at the Casa Werma.
Wow, what a place. See pictures. Dinner at the Gran Hotel was excellent. Walked around the square. Returned to Casa Werma and started fires in the fireplace as it was getting cold.
Day Seven: Had a wonderful breakfast at the house and met with Marcia Parrino, our guide for the day. She's an art historian who knows the lake people and the best craftsmen in the area. Carlos enjoyed the day with us learning about the arts and crafts people in that region.
Returned to Patzcauro and had coffe with Marcia and Carlos,
took pictures, had dinner at the Gran Hotel and called it a night.
Day Eight: Off to Santa Clara del Cobre to buy copper jewelry and pass out some photos from last year. My wife loves the copper jewelry and it makes great souvenirs as a great price. Drove back to Zihua.
Day Nine: Early morning visit to the market for more photos and off to the airport for our flight home and the snow and ice.
I'd like to mention the fact that Carlos Garcia and his family are incredible. He is a very safe driver, his car is immaculate and you would be hard pressed to find a better driver,friend and guide whle in Zihua or on the road.
Here is a link to all the pictures from the trip

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