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Escrito por jc desde ( el día sábado, 07 de febrero, 2009 a las 21:26:14 horas :

The removal of the crocs in front of Cocodrilos Restaurant was both crude and rude. I live in the area and witnessed the ignorance of this action. The first croc was lured out of the estuary with a chicken carcus around 8:30 in the morning and lay tied up with about 6 ropes and was not put in the truck till around 5:30 that nite. The other 2 were caught in a snare and removed to the zoo in Ixtapa for the tourists to see at Playa Linda. The day after the crocs were removed I happen to go over to the zoo and one of the crocs still had a piece of rope around its waist and one leg. These crocs have been around the estuary for years. Who is responsible for their removal and why? The crocs and other wild life in the estuary are apparently in their natural habitat and don't seem to be a big threat to the tourist unless the tourist are completely ignorant. Many places throughout Mexico and other countries build and enhance touism from the natural habitat.

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