Ixtapa Trip

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Escrito por Bob desde (75-139-172-8.dhcp.wa.charter.com) el día domingo, 08 de febrero, 2009 a las 20:31:40 horas :

We just got back from our Ixtapa And z trip, 10 days in great hot weather. didnt do everything i wanted, we just took it one day at a time. In the shower when earthquake shook the Krystal, from 10th floor, felt it very well. Went to Z 4 times just shopping , eating and walking the local beach, and La Madera. Went to Rob,s wife,s shop/Lupita,s boutique, met her daughter and cute little dog lola. Drank a couple of beers at the Beach, Ate 3 times at Lety,s. I had the Chili Rellano,s and the lobster salad, my wife always had the shrimp, and the coconut shrimp, All of it was Extremely Great. Great Prices. I finally smoked my First and Last Cohiba, while watching the sunset from our balcony. We will definately stay in Z. next year. It was a very relaxing , mind re-juvenating trip. Plus when leaving , Our flight was overbooked by 3 people, so they asked us if we would mind bumping, which we did from Alaska airlines to US Airways, which we left 25 minutes earlier, went to Phoenix, then Seattle, arrived 2 hours earlier than alaska flight, and got 2, 400.00$ ticket vouchers. Pretty Sweet Deal. See you Next Year, Bob

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