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I can't help with buses, but per an earlier hotel post =

Rooms with FIREPLACES are certainly near-mandatory in Patzcuaro. ISR, here a few of our favs:

The boutique Posada La Basilica in front of the Basilica (newly renovated / a little noisy) has small-but-detailed rooms, with a pretty ‘roof-tiled’ view of town and the lake (though now a little pricy, for what you get!).

The colonial La Casa Encantada is always a comfortable treat (comparatively quiet, too):

And a third newer hacienda (run by a gal from SoCal who used to live in Z), is the Hotel Meson de San Antonio on Calle Benigno Serrato on the south (right) side of the Basilica….. It is a lovely little ‘hacienda-esque’ spot with exterior colonnade rooms surrounding a central cactus-n-rock garden. Street parking in front of the hotel in a quiet barrio. EZ walk down the hill to ‘centro’. Friendly and Comfortable.... and definitely our preference, per the foto above.

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