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Escrito por Richard desde ( el día lunes, 09 de febrero, 2009 a las 11:23:30 horas :

We just got back from Ixtapa this weekend. First time for us in this part of Mexico. Thanks to the board for all the help as I used some of the suggestions. First yikes this place is Hot & Humid not use to that coming from 0 degrees F. I can see doing things in morning and evening and setting on the beach during the afternoon heat or stay in the airc. room not a bad way to go. First two days were great then I got hit by Montezuma's revenge the next 3 days couldn't eat or drink bummer:( Last 2 days were great again. We made 2 visits to Zih. and had lunch at La Casa Cafe great food at a great price but first had to get past the sewer smell crossing the bridge. Had dinner at the 3 Amigos very friendly place also no problem watching the super bowl as most places had a TV and making a party out of it. Also had dinner at Casa Bahia what a wonderful view of the harbor. Was surprised how big Zih. is also spent some time at the basketball court Sunday evening well worth it, people are so friendly here. Went to Playa Larga to ride the horses. What a pretty beach nothing but miles of open beach and not a soul around. In Ixtapa we ate at Franks and Momma Norma's both good places. Last evening we did the sunset sail cruse which was well worth it and had a great time. One last thing I always wanted to feel a little earth quake and my wife sure did, scared her while in our room but I was in another part of the hotel and didn't feel a thing?

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