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Escrito por Joelle desde ( el día miércoles, 11 de febrero, 2009 a las 16:11:05 horas :

As requested on this board, I thought I would venture into reporting on our trip to Sayulita. Every year for the past 6 years we have traveled to Zihuatanejo having fallen in love the first time we sat on La Ropa beach! We have been questioned every year since on why we continue to go to the same old place year after year. Having only a few weeks of holidays a year it is wonderful to come back to the town that we have come to know and love.

We came across the Sayulita board much the same as I came across this board many years ago. Of course, I looked at every bit of info I could find. If we were going to leave our beloved Zihua it better be good. We were not disappointed.

Sayulita is a small town about 40 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta. We had an easy, cheap, direct flight and got the green light! The owner of the house that we had rented had arranged for an airport pick up so we hopped in and enjoyed a cold Tecate! We had to wait for 2 hours for my sister to arrive so we decided to head over to the Commercial to pick up a few things. Awful! Better fruit and veggies here in Ontario right now!
We picked up my sister and were off. Once out of town the drive was actually quite beautiful with overgrown jungle on both sides of the road. Not a road I would want to drive myself at night though! Lots of curvas peligrosos!!

We arrived to our house on the hill Villa Sol Blau ( Amazing view! We were out of our winter clothes in minutes and picked our places on the terrace looking at this incredible view. The sun was setting as we decided to go into town the next day instead of trying to find our way around in the dark.

I have heard differing views on Sayulita but I have to say that we loved it! There is quite the funky vibe. Lot’s of great live music! Amazing food and restaurants! Every night the town meets in the square to socialize. A great international mix of people! We spoke with many people who had left their normal lives and decided to make Sayulita their home. Young families with little ones, professional couples giving up the grind. We envied them their freedom and wondered how to accomplish this ourselves!!

I am not a surfer so I cannot offer any real info on the surf side of things other than it is sooo cool! I have never really seen any live surfing before other than a few lone surfers in Troncones.
The campground is right on the beach with the surfers waking at dawn to check the waves. Beautiful spot…I am not a camper but that would be the place to camp! We rose early and walked the beach. Seeing the surfers out in the water floating on their boards waiting for the waves was so serene. I’d love to just sit out there with them rolling on the wave. The riptide there can be very dangerous though! Watching a man being pulled out of the surf after being knocked unconscious by his board reminded me of the reality of where we were and what we take for granted at home. Emergency personnel arrived about 90 minutes later.
Ok, so the usual days of beach, eat, drink, sleep, read, eat, drink, town and so on. We met lots of great, friendly people. Bought a painting that I fell in love with in the bano of a pizza place. Oh, quite possibly the best thin crust pizza I have ever had! We went into PV for the day and hung out at La Palapas restaurant. This was recommended by the owner of our house..a little pricey for us so we just stayed for a few drinks. But hanging there on the beach made us instantly aware that in Sayulita they do not have SeaDoos running up and down the beach or the usual dope on a ropes!! It’s quiet!! Very quiet, in fact all of the bars in town closed every night at midnight!! And it was enforced by the police or some kind of security!? We couldn’t believe that in town after 9:00pm you could not buy a traveler from the tienda. Strange but true and great actually! We were at our house one night and realized just how loud the band was at the bar below and of course they were done at exactly midnight!

We didn’t see any cruise ships (other than in PV) or any children “vendors”. We just experienced warm, friendly people from all walks of life! Oh, and an unbelievable amount of dogs..all strangely good natured! I would be too living there I guess!

So, to sum up we will definitely return to Sayulita!

But of course, we are booked to come to Zihuatanejo again this March!!

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