Mojito recipe

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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día sábado, 14 de febrero, 2009 a las 16:44:49 horas :

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First, you need Havana Club white rum (ańejo blanco is the best). If you don't have access to Cuban rum then Cruzan white rum will do. Do NOT under any circumstances make a mojito with Bacardi. That is a firing squad offense!

In a tall glass add a spoon of sugar and the juice from 3 or 4 key limes (depending on size) and stir it a bit to dissolve the sugar. Take a healthy sprig of mint and first crush it gently into a ball without tearing the leaves or separating them from the stem and drop it into the glass. Then get your billy club and mash the mint into the bottom of the glass crushing but not grinding the mint. Nice and easy does it but be thorough. Then stir gently but well enough to dissolve any sugar that didn't dissolve the first time. Pour in a measured shot or a shot and a half of rum (depending on the size of the glass), add a lot of ice, then fill the rest of the glass with sparkling mineral water and give a few more gentle stirs. Save the top sprig of mint to garnish the glass with. Fire up a fresh Cohiba, puff deeply, take a healthy sip of mojito, and shout ˇVIVA CUBA! =)

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