Madera Beach Walkway

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Escrito por lars desde ( el día domingo, 15 de febrero, 2009 a las 20:12:27 horas :

Excuse me if I am going over an item already discussed. I have been in Zihua for several weeks and then at home catching up...not checking this chat line. Our recent stay at Zihua, our 15th year visiting, was wonderful. We found the town cleaner than last year, no torn up sidewalks due to communication lines, and buildings newly painted. But the reason I'm writing: During our last week there we found signs on each pole along the walkway promoting clean beaches, clean water, and no thrown trash. They looked as if maybe they were a school project or that of some organization. Really neat unique signs. Under each sign/pole was a wooden box for trash. Someone is making a major effort to keep the walkway clean. We'd love to send them a note and show our appreciation for their effort. Anyone know who gets the "cheers" for such a great effort?(Name and address please) Such a positive thing.Thanks to all the wonderful friendly folks in Zihua. Lars

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