Trip to Zihua - Keepin' it Simple!

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Escrito por Harry Abrams desde ( el día jueves, 19 de febrero, 2009 a las 11:29:03 horas :

Hi Folks,

Just returned from a lovely sojourn in the big Z...

Used a number of tips I got on this board to improve my visit. Also paid my respects at Lupita's Boutique where I met the warm and wonderful Lupita and her little dog Lola. I got big points for those simple but gorgeous hand made dresses that I brought back as gifts...

And here are a series of mini videos for your enjoyment....

1) The view and panorama from my hotel room patio

2) La Ropa Beach

3) The Catalina Hotel Steps (like living on a pyramid with great foliage)

4) Zihua Bay

5) Street Scenes in Zihua

6) The Pet Store...where you can buy a live chicken as a pet (for my Daughter Ilana)

7) Fisherman's Walk

8) Sunday @ the Zocolo intro

9) Zocolo Food -Tamales

10) Zocolo Food - Fruit

11) Zocolo Food - Corn stewed and on the cob

12) Zocolo Food - Carnitas (meat tacos)

13) Zocolo Scene - flowers

14) Zocolo Scene - fishing boats at rest

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