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Escrito por John Westman desde ( el día jueves, 19 de febrero, 2009 a las 22:56:39 horas :

We are back in Michigan where a major snowfall is expected tomorrow. We were in paradise from feb 3 to 17 and had a wonderful time thanks to the gang at the Irma. Hopefully you all know who you are.
Someone asked on this board for your three best meals. Oh My! 1. El Pueblito for Sunday lamb (Don Memo even came for take out) 2. I agree with somone earlier who said anything at Lety's... the lobster salad is great (3 times).
3. Don Memo's .. The pork chop with mushroom sauce is just great.
Swimming - We spent three days at Las Gatas where the water was crystal clear. We also swam on the north end of La Ropa where the water was fine. For all of you concerned about the water quality consider Lake Michigan where the beaches are closed a couple of times during summer because of a sewage overflow and a fish mercury contamination warning remains in effect. Bottom line: We are well aware of the problems that have been reported here. But, We did not swim in sewage!
People - I know just enough spanish to get myself into trouble. The people of Zihua are the most welcoming, friendly folks we've ever met in our travels. This is a special place with special people and we will be back next year.

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