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Escrito por Troncones Dick desde ( el día viernes, 20 de febrero, 2009 a las 15:11:11 horas :

We read Frostbites trip report on Oaxaca and it was a
great, great help. We have hung out in Zihua or Troncones
for vacations for 6 years. Frosty's report gave us courage
and guidance for our trip to Oaxaca.

Left Troncones with my wife for Pr. Escondida first day, there really were at least 230 topes. It got really bumpy when we got to the state of Oaxaca, until we realized that in Oaxaca the topes are called (reductors). Spent the night in Pt. Escondida at a decent hotel.

Left early on day 2 for Pt. Angel and the road up to Oaxaca. I'm sure Frosty said it was a windy road up to
Oaxaca, but I felt he might have understated it a little. The road had mucho, mucho, mucho sharp turns with many switchbacks but truly picturesque, it took us 4 hours to go the first 90 miles then 2 more hours to Oaxaca. we spent 2 hours along the way around Ocutlan searching for
Josefina Aguilara's shop, finally found it on the north end of town 200 meters south of the Pemex station. We really liked the pieces she had and bought one large and
4 smaller pieces they look very nice in our home in Troncones.

We arrived around 5P.M. in Oaxaca City and checked into an
inexpensive hotel (because Casa Colonial was full). The next morning the first thing we checked into Casa Colonial,
which was very nice and very private yet we still met people each morning for breakfast and got Ideas from them
as to what to see. It is probably about an 8 block walk to
the Zocalo from Casa Colonial where we spent 4 nites.
We went to the Zocalo each nite, the two restaurants that
stood out in our minds were Biznaga & Cafe Oaxaca.

We went to Monte Alban a must see, Arrozola to the shop of
Arsenio Morales who is a famous artisan of Alebitje and bought about 10 of the wooden psychedic painted animals there.

We went Teotitlan to the bug in the rug where they weave
rugs, and to the Market in Teotitlan where they sell the
rugs for a lot less money. The vendors we worked with at
the market spoke very good English, They said that 75%
of their business had never come back since the Teachers
strike in Oaxaca City.
We drove north from Oaxaca up to Puebla almost to Mexico City to avoid going back down the curvy mountains. From
Puebla Southwest to Cuernavaca for 2 nites which gave us
time for a side trip to the Silver market in Taxco, a neat
town with lots of churches but no real silver bargains.

From Cuernavaca we went southwest On the Cuota roads to the outskirts of Acapulco and back to Troncones. (Whew)

We felt safe everywhere we went, and we found a lot of
neat stuff.

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