Where are the tourist police when we need them?

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Escrito por Gene desde (?) el día domingo, 22 de febrero, 2009 a las 19:07:56 horas :

We have a casual friendship with long time visitors to Z. Last week at 11:30 AM across from Notary #1, where the tour buses park againt the canal, a large (6'2" approx 100 kilos 220lbs with a red ball cap and black pants), male with a knife stepped out from between the buses pushed the knife up against the friends ribs and yelled "dinero". The friend upon reaching in his pocket for his money was interupted by the thief's own hand going into his back pocket and grabbing a mere $250 pesos, then running away with what was believed to be two other accomplices waiting as lookout. This matter was reported to the police.

I could mention one more incident about another friend the previous week which involved a violent daylight police shakedown, but what good does it do to report wrong doings to the police about the police.

We are also residents of a Colonia La Madera complex and are trying our best to beef up security and be prudent during the rash of recent break-ins. However, I can't help but think that if the previously very evident tourist police were strolling the colonia, there may be a reduction in these very troublesome and expensive thefts.

Who is responsible for Policia Turistica?

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