Great vacation

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Escrito por norm desde ( el día lunes, 23 de febrero, 2009 a las 09:18:12 horas :

We have two weeks left here and it has been one of the best trips ever and after more than 20 years coming that is something.The weather could not be better,which is the most important thing.The people we deal with,always nice,have been even nicer.The restaurants excellent.The better ones are surviving the slowdown nicely.Soleiado,Toscanos,Il Mare,Garrobos have been busy nightly.Only the Marina restaurants are dissapointing,overpriced and mediocre.The best inIxtapa has been Los Bigotes de Zapata,with great everything,esp.the best tacos de Pasteur I have eaten anywhere.Las Braseros has opened in Ix.and seems to be doing great,esp.with the many Mexican families.Tamales Any is a flop here,noone ever goes,cant figure it out.Heading to Isla de Ixtapa soon and can' wait

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