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Escrito por WI Laurie desde ( el día viernes, 27 de febrero, 2009 a las 14:38:40 horas :

We are just back from our 12th (or ?) trip to Ixtapa. Once again we had a wonderful vacation - perfect weather, good friends - new and old, and great food. We stayed at Krystal this year (first time) and it was okay. Not great, not bad - just okay. Our room was fine although the bathroom needs updating and it actually flooded on our last night. We could find no apparant reason for the water - it was odd. Anyway, I'm sure there are people - some of whom we met at the Krystal - who believe it's the greatest hotel in Ixtapa. Well, to each their own and we personally enjoyed other properties better (Emporio and Dorado, plus Barcelo if you like the A/I which we did that one year). few other little things we didn't like - food was just okay, the lobby is dark and uninviting, elevators were occasionally not working properly, access to the pool bar is awkward (have to swim under a very low bridge to get there or jump into the water - no stairs or easy swim-up access), umbrellas are used for the patio restaurant every day so are scarce around the pool area, staff was just courteous but not overly friendly (except for one), and it seems they turn off the A/C at night so it gets stuffy and warm in the room. Would I stay there again? Maybe, if it was REALLY inexpensive compared to other properties (which was the case this year) and if we could guarantee Jose was our poolside waiter again - he was the friendliest local person we've met in years and we thoroughly enjoyed him. Overall our trip was relaxing, uneventful, and just what we wanted!

Most of the restaurants in Ixtapa seem to be doing reasonably well - however it might be inconsistent. One day full, next evening, one or two tables with customers. We liked the new Camaron Azul (Blue Shrimp), and had great food at our other favorites - Adobe Grill, Casa Morelos, Mamma Norma's, La Malinche, Baffone. Ruben's for lunch a few times - and walked to the Marina two mornings - nothing open for breakfast. Contrary to what we have read on this board, even Becofino's is not open for breakfast. Still, it's a nice walk and fun to see the yachts. Nobody we knew, ha ha ha. We skipped Emilio's this year - for no particular reason, other than it is always so hot inside. And skipped Franks, per usual - for many reasons.

We miss the Chimichanga restaurant, and Capri - however we did eat at Capri which has relocated to Zihua. A very small place in comparison to what it was - only 4 or 5 tables, and easy to miss if you aren't aware of it. (around the corner from Coconuts). However, the family still operates the business and we had a pleasant conversation with "mama" Irene who still runs the show. She is a wonderfully warm woman who enjoyed talking with us along with another couple who we have known in Ixtapa for years.

We had heard about the grenade attack and also gunfire in Zihua one day, and did notice both Estado and Federales police riding around Ixtapa every day. Since we are basically lazy on vacation, we didn't go into Zihua much this year - didn't do much of anything, really. We relaxed, read, played volleyball, ate, and walked everywhere. Along with several massages on the beach, it was a total "veg out" which is what we wanted.

FInal opinions - tourism is down and the workers at hotels we talked to indicate they're at 40-50% capacity. Some hotels seemed busier than others - Barcelo, Dorado - Krystal was busy enough, Emporio not busy at all, Dorado seemed about like last year when we stayed there, but hard to tell just by passing through during our 12-day stay. Shops were never busy and seemed to close earlier in the evenings than on previous visits.

Are people doing A/I and spending less locally? Yes, I believe that is true. We don't do A/I but can understand why people do it - fixed costs, not knowing what's available in the area, and yes - the problems in Zihua, making them comfortable staying in their resort. This all adds to the reduction in local spending. BUT - with the exchange rate the way it is, we spent and tipped generously wherever we went and encourage you to do the same.

We hope to return next year, if our employment continues and everythng else remains the same.

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