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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día sábado, 28 de febrero, 2009 a las 09:10:11 horas :

En respuesta a: Rainy season visit? escrito por maystorm desde ( el día viernes, 27 de febrero, 2009 a las 21:58:48 horas :

My Favorite time of the year! All is lush green, it's quieter. The ocean is a velvety almost body temperature (no cold currents bringing stingrays and jellyfish).

Warm tropical rains! Not to be missed in life! They cool the air when they come. I actually want a shawl over a long sleeved cotton teeshirt and we talk about how cold it is making people from Alaska laugh. Delectable enjoyment of life while curled in a hammock with a good book and maybe an atole de tamarindo or a hot chocolate with a spike of rum! Sometimes we get the roaring kind of monsoon favorite. At night the soft rains cool the air and make that irresistable soothing sound lulling to a perfect sleep.

Be aware that the temperatures are slightly higher and increased humidity actually makes it feel quite a bit hotter when it is not raining. So be prepared to be in a place that stays cool. I personally prefer high ceilings, fans and shade to air conditioning as that doesn't cut you off from all these beauties - the sounds, breezes and perfumes smells of summer flowers.

There are more mosquitos in general during the rainy season but this is a controllable problem as well. The sound of the cicadas! Love it!

Try it!
Hasta pronto,

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