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Escrito por Big Daddy Wags desde ( el día sábado, 28 de febrero, 2009 a las 16:05:23 horas :

Home last night. Chicago welcomed me with 28 degree weather and a brisk wind. Just thought I'd say a few things. First of all, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all those that came to the Board Party on Las Gatas on the 16th. I finally got to place a face with the names(s) I've read about so often! It was a truly wonderful day and one that was a highlight of my vacation, and I look forward to next year with great anticipation. I thank my friends Lady M and Kim from Washington for letting me be a part of this great day.

I don't know where to begin on my second thought, so I'll start here. On the 14th, our very first evening in town, my best friend suffered a heart attack as we were finishing up dinner at Paty's. Being only 52 years old, we were quite traumatized by the circumstances when he fell out. One of our companions, Dianna Phillips, a nurse, came to Daves' aid immediately by blowing a few puffs into his mouth. Another diner, Jeff Downes from Dallas, TX, a first responder, also lent his expertise to our situation. For their efforts, I am truly indebted. I think the real hero of the situation itself had to be none other than Paty herself. She couldn't have done more for us. She directed the paramedics (twice), and had her staff take the very best care of my friend. Since this was also Valentines' Day, I can't tell you how many people were there, yet she showed such personal consideration for us that I cannot describe. I know that some restaurants get a bad rap every so often, but Paty went well beyond personal care. She called her cousin, Dra. Olivia Montufar Mendoza, who left her home and met us as the hospital and stayed til Dave was air-ambulanced to San Antonio. Paty, we are forever grateful to you.

At the Clinica Maciel, I would like to thank the staff Dr. Victor M. Quintero Lopez and Dra. Mendoza for their efforts. I would also like to thank pulmonary Dr. Haffid, who performed the procedure on Dave with the medicine that is credited for saving his life, along with riding in the ambulance to the airport. The medical staff in San Antonio told Dave that their treatment of him at the Maciel ultimately saved his life. But, once again, I can't say enough about Paty, except thank you from the bottom of my heart. Bob Wagman

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