A Fine Week in Zihua

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A quick trip report, with thanks for the info I've gained over the years on this board:
My wife and I, along with our two teenaged boys were in Zihua last week for 7 days and had a wonderful time. We've been to Zihua many times in the past - the last time was two years ago. For my money, the city happily hasn't changed in any noticeable way. We had excellent weather - sunny, hot but pleasant due to the breezes. We spent our days mainly relaxing on the beaches. We spent a number of days on La Ropa at La Perla. I can't understand the negative reviews I've read about that place here because we had fine service and great food. We'll return there, no doubt, next trip. We also had a great meal at El Perla Negra (we were drawn there from reports on this board) and would recommend that new restaurant highly. We ate many breakfasts at Bananas - our favorite breakfast spot. The prices are a bit higher than in the past but the food is great and the people are friendly. I found a great little coffee place a half block from the Mercado - cheap coffee and good, especially if you like yours fuerte (strong).
As I mentioned in another post, there were apparently two robberies at our hotel (Irma) during our week there. This has never happened to our knowledge in the past. In the case of the second robbery, the couple in the hotel room were sitting out on the balcony and had left the door to their room open. Someone came in and took a backpack which contained money, credit cards and a camera. Lesson: lock the door to your hotel room at all times and lock valuables in the room safe.
I was again charmed by Zihua and its people. We felt safe there, were treated wonderfully by all the locals we encountered, and had a fine week. I look forward to returning in years to come.

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