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Escrito por marianne desde ( el día domingo, 01 de marzo, 2009 a las 16:49:03 horas :

Spent two weeks at Casa Tucanes on LaRopa. It was as enjoyable as last time. Only one other couple there most of the first week - they did say the construction noise next door drove a few people out. But, it was quiet (except for a mufflerless Honda motorcycle) for us. The place then filled up quickly.

Mauricio (owner) found a plastic bag of 3 2-week old kittens just outside his gate. We (mostly my better half, Charlie) took over a lot of their care. Emptied and cleaned a food disinfectent squirt bottle to feed them. That bottle got lost, so I donated my nasal saline squirt bottle. Charlie even washed out their bedding every day (we had a spare towels)! When we left Friday, they were on their way to eating on their own. You don't get this "family" feeling at a highrise hotel.

Never made it to visit Troncones.

Question: Why do only taxis have to stop at the checkpoint on the way to the airport? Can't robbers, etc., just as easily hijack a car?

We did see the Federal Police as we left Centro Thursday evening. Don't know what they were looking for. All in all, felt just as safe as previous years.

One complaint - the taxi fare to LaRopa and back is 35 pesos. A number of times the driver said he didn't have change for 50 pesos, and we didn't have smaller coins. All but one came up with change, but one driver wanted the 50 pesos. Charlie has guts - he took back 20 pesos and said "that's all you get then".

Came back to 12 F and a new 9" of snow (central Wisconsin).

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