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Escrito por Donna Nosek desde ( el día martes, 03 de marzo, 2009 a las 13:35:09 horas :

We returned on 2/27, our 10th visit to Zihua. Stayed at Villa Mexicana, first time in 8 years. They actually remembered us and on the second day, gave us the room we had on our first visit! Saw several folks we have met on earlier visits. It was great. Downtown, Bandito's was like old home week. Great to see Marcos and the old bartenders. Only thing we wish they would bring back is their white onion soup. It was excellant. Fell in love with Il Mare, the view and food were excellant. A new experience was to fish with Julio, boat Joceline. We fished 3 times. My husband was thrilled with his catches and then Julio took us to Otilla's and had the fish prepared. Lady M fished with us twice and her husband, Paul once. It was such fun. We had no worries about anything happening. We encountered no problems with service at restaurants, being overcharged or problems with taxi drivers. We only met wonderful caring Mexican people who were there to be of assistance to us. Would we come back? Of course. Our local papers, that we read upon our return, were filled with drug arrests, a cop being shot and in critical condition, etc. Same everywhere.

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