The Edge

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Escrito por Lalo desde ( el día miércoles, 04 de marzo, 2009 a las 20:55:11 horas :

I first came to Zihuatanejo on spring break in 1972 when I was 17 years old (you can do the math). As a Candian kid living in Toronto I was absolutely amazed! The flocks of parakeets, lizards and iguanas at every turn, burros and roosters for alarm clocks and of course the beaches! Once back home I convinced a friend of mine to come back and spend the summer of'72 in Zihuatanejo. Once we arrived he only lasted two weeks and hitched a ride back north with two American gals from New York. He said he couldn't take 'the EDGE'. He described it as extreme discomfort with almost all aspects of Mexico. He has never been back. I stayed for the whole summer and was three weeks late for the commencement of my last year of high school! I have rerurned too many times to count. In the meantime I've lost some of my Mexican friends like Miguel Tortuga, Raphael and Pepe (remember Kon Tiki?). I have also lost many Canadian friends too. It happens. My point in this post is that Mexico will always have the EDGE. Some people thrive on it. It's almost addicting to those of us who are attracted to it. It scares the bejeepers out of those who like to have things stay normal. Long live the Edge!

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