Trip Report-Day 1

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Escrito por Grumpy in Lake Cowichan desde ( el día jueves, 05 de marzo, 2009 a las 00:12:02 horas :

Mrs. Grumpy and I went to Zihua from Feb 21 to Feb 28. Stayed at the Brisas del Mar and had a wonderful vacaction.

I have read a few trip reports and thought I would post a report on our week.It will probably take me a few posts as sometimes I do get long winded.

Day 1- Up at 3:15 am to get to Victoria Airport-Flight to Vancouver left at 7:00am. Short stay at YVR-Left at 9:40 am and flew on direct flight to Zihua with Air Canada. Arrived at about 5:00 pm and getting off the plane felt that hot humind wind and was glad to finally be back in Zihua. Another plane must have landed a few miuntes ahead of ours as the line up in Customs was almost out the door. Not to worry we were no on Mexican time...relax all is good. Got through customs and now I could really start to use all the info I have soaked up from this board the last few months. Turned left went to the second set of doors and walked accross the parking lot to the Tienda to catch a cab. Got in the van,which I thought was a cab,found out it was a collectivo and we were off to Centro. Oops!!! Thats ok we will just go with it . What a great start to the trip, there was 2 other Canadians on the collectivo who assisted us with where and when we were to get off. I think at one point we had about 12 people in this old Toyota with metal to metal brakes. I thought to myself that if we survived the trip to town and arrived in one piece we should be able to handle all of the other danger we have heard and read about on the board. We got dropped off before Centro as the driver was losing fares due to our luggage he could not get the optimun 15-16 people in the van. Not to worry our new found Canadain friends showed a little leg and stopped 2 taxis,one for us and one for another couple who also had luggage and were cramping the drivers style. I can't think of the last time I had so much fun for about 75 Cents. Got to Brisas del Mar and checked in-taxi ride was much calmer but less excitng. What a beautiful hotel-everything we heard and read seemed right on the mark. Headed across the street to the Tienda and got some items for the room,beer,snacks,milk for morning tea on the balcony. Then up to the lobby bar for Happy Hour, was hoping that KateP and her husband, who we chatted with on the board,were successful in escaping the snow in Chicago and their Red Eye flight left. no one there tonight but I was sure we would catch up to them at some point. Ordered a couple of Victoria's and a Pina Colda for Mrs Grumpy,Thanks Federico for your wonderful service and hospitality. We sat on the patio had a couple more drinks and just soaked up the view.....fantastic.....the sun had just set and the waves were crashing,nice warm breeze in the air.....Great to be back in Zihua. Thought we should get some grub and as it had been a long day and the drinks were now starting to ease away the tension of traveling all day.We decided to try the hotel restuarant, Bistro del Mar ,glad we did. Food and service were good,ceviche,broschutto with melon,chorizo with fresh tortillas and sauteed shrimp and garlic. All while sitting outdoors under a large sail type roof 40 feet from the ocean as the waves crashed and crashed. I am not sure if it was the long day,the Victoria's or the rythmic sound of the waves hitting Playa Madera but we were both very tired and once we were fed and and watered we headed up the to the room.It was to be an early night and then up early to begin the 1 week adventure. Lying in the hammock on the balcony of our room it only took about five minutes to fall asleep listening to sound of the ocean while gently swaying back and forth.............Great to be back in Zihua.......To be continued

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