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Escrito por El Tacano desde ( el día jueves, 05 de marzo, 2009 a las 08:15:17 horas :

Checked in at 9:00 PM for my 10:50 flight SFO to Mexico City. At Least 8 clerks so absolutely no waiting. Polite, friendly & efficient as they do not even laugh at my horrible accent.
Flight was about 85% full but I had no one in the middle seat as the Window sitting gal's boyfriend had to cancel at the last minute. Not much change. Smiling faces, a lite lunch on the Redeye & FREE drinks, Soft & Hard. They did the beverage cart 3 or 4 times. Showed 2 movies arriving at Mexico City right on time at 5:00 AM with the time change.
One comment as with most US airlines the flight attendants have aged so none of the slender little Senoritas, but then I am not quite the Dashing Guy I was was either.
Took about 30 seconds to clear Immigration then the LONG hike to The domestic side & Sala B where one waits.
At Wings I had Huevos Divorciados, coffee, fresh juice, beans & pan with the great exchange rate for about $7 US. Cheapest & best airport food ever. Got a shoe shine & waited. I was "Entertained" by a group of 60 or 70 ladies all with matching Gucci Bags & Luggage, dressed to the Nines in designer clothes & shoes. They all boarded my Mexicana "Click" flight to Zihua. Without that bunch the plane would have been empty. Here were the Young, lovely, slender flight attendants that I was used to on Mexicana still pushing carts of free Booze, soft drinks & snacks for our 40 minute flight on the Fokker 100. I was seated on the 2 seat side with a guy rivaling my girth so I moved across the aisle to a completely empty 3 seat section. Arrived on the button at 11:00 AM. First through customs getting my 23 consecutive years of nothing but green lights. (I must be blessed) Got a ticket on the collectivo (115 pesos) with no argument from the clerk (a first)& was soon seated in a large SUV along with 2 others on our way to Ixtapa.
Met with a group of friends & then 7 of us to dinner at Daniels increasing his customers by 3 times. Food good if uninspired & free deserts all around. The area around the basketball court was empty of many tourists. Just a few. Reminded me of our first trip in the 90's during Thanksgiving. Guess people are staying away. Anyways All is peaceful so COME ON DOWN!
Shared a cab (50 peso) back to Selva del Mar where I went to sleep listening to my I-pod drown out the very bad music coming from the Las Brisas.

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