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Escrito por Cindy in Zih now... desde ( el día jueves, 05 de marzo, 2009 a las 09:40:08 horas :

The other day at the Banomex across from Tamales Any everyone was having trouble with the machine reading their card. Even the locals were giving up on the machine at the right hand side of the foyer. After mine was also rejected, Daniel grabbed my card, inserted it and took it out in one quick motion. Apparently you can't wait for the machine to tell you to remove your card. Anyhow, I hit the jackpot (so to speak), was able to take out more money to spend on things I don't need and he amazed the locals with his ATM expertise. I might add Daniel also does pretty well back home with those little machines on bars. hmmmm.


PS Met "Canadian Rainbirds" at an adjacent table at Mediterraneo last night.If I had known earlier that it was them I wouldnt have subjected them to my squawking out Besame Mucho with the strolling musicians. Anyhow.. nice to meet you folks!

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