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We had a fabulous time this year, as always, in Zihuatanejo. This was our first New Year’s Eve in Mexico and we really enjoyed it. The beach was packed – every table at every restaurant was full or reserved. We ran into a friend who works at Daniel’s and he said “No problemo!” He brought a couple of chairs and drinks, and set up us right in front of the fireworks mortars. Gradually a table, a tablecloth and a candle appeared. Then his wife and baby joined us. It was perfect – everyone should be with “family” on such a special holiday. We were so close to the mortars that they made us move back a little before they started firing the fuegos.

We spent the next few days checking in with old friends, and right away we were invited to several birthday parties. Carmen (Tres Amigos) would celebrate hers on January 12th; Isela’s son Josue would turn 10 on January 30th. Jonathan’s birthday wasn’t until the end of February, but the fiesta date was moved up so that we could attend. This year we brought Yomega yo yos and rompecabezas, and the kids really seemed to like them.

One afternoon in centro, we ran into Martin on his way to work - wearing a Bistro del Mar shirt! It was so good to see him. After leaving Rafael’s, he worked in Ixtapa, learning a lot, then moved on to Brisas del Mar. He has become very accomplished and he is still a really nice young man.

We stayed several days at Barra de Potosi and spent one morning talking with Laura, one of our all time favorite friends. Last year she had been too busy to visit, attending to a guest’s broken leg, so we really appreciated having some time with her this year.

We made a little movie and took photos at the beach and around the village for a friend in Zihuatanejo. He’s 15 years old, goes to school, works almost every day, and has never been to La Barra or Troncones! We also swam with some kids who were diving for estrellas del mar. A huge rogue wave surprised us and snatched my prescr1ption glass off my nose. I was sure that they were gone forever but those little kids kept diving and diving until they found them!

A couple weeks later we visited Troncones. When we arrived, we found about 80 little turtles in the hotel’s foot bath, and learned that they would be “liberated” that afternoon. Just before sunset, five of us went down to the beach to watch the little creatures crawl across the sand, then scamper, and then swim off into the ocean.

Later in the week, there was an exhibition at the hotel which included stained glass artists from Zihuatanejo and a family of weavers who had come down from the Sierras to exhibit their work.

That evening there was a big wedding on the beach with lots of good music. We watched and partied on the side lines with the ladies from the mountains.

One night we enjoyed an excellent dinner with many gourmet touches at Restaurant Doña Nica. The pork chop tacos at Tropic of Cancer were delicious – more like an alhambre than tacos. One day, we walked down to Roberto’s to visit Candelario and we had tempura shrimp tacos – wow! We also enjoyed some very good home cooking at the cenadurias in town.

For years we have taken the bus north and south along the coast. This year, we decided to take the inland route to Vallecitos. The bus station manager seemed amused that we wanted that route, but once on the bus, the people were very warm and friendly. Many of the passengers knew each other so there were lots of abrazos, chattering and telling of jokes across the isle. The scenery was beautiful as we wound our way up into the mountains. We had an excellent lunch in town, talking with several locals including a teacher from the school, then headed back down the valley in the laughter and chatter filled bus. As Chay tells us every year, “Welcome home!”

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