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Escrito por Cri Cri desde (?) el día jueves, 05 de marzo, 2009 a las 15:33:11 horas :

It is odd how many things that hapened in Zihuatanejo were things that are now most vivid in my memory.

Back in the early 60's, I used to stay at the Avila Hotel most of the time. ( I am not good at remembering dates ) I was eating breakfast with some friends. At the next table sat a couple who had just arrived the night before. They could hardly wait to jump into La Playa P. ( We used to swim there back then. ) The man ran down to the water and he sank down into the sand up to his armpits into a a thick black goo. This was when the sewage used to run under the sand and into the bay. A couple of Mexican men got a pole and pulled the surprised guy out. Every one was laughing ! including his wife.

The oher thing happened when the "Hippies" started comming to Zihuatanejo.

There were many VW mini-buses. They came for a few years and I got to know many of them. One of the guys spent his summers selling banners etc. in front of the baseball parks In New York. One day he came by the hotel and asked if I would keep a stuffed animal ( I don't know what kind it was ) for him. He was going to jail for a week. I put it in my closet, not knowing what it was STUFFED WITH. That was one long week I lay in bed every-nite expecting the cops to be knocking at the door. What a relief when he came by and thanked me for keeping the animal for the week..
"Good old Mexico." Cri Cri

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